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Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation System

  1. Central Water Cooled Chilled Water system with optimized control logics
  2. Central Air cooled chillers system with optimized control logics
  3. Central Adsorption chillers
  4. Central Brine chillers
  5. Air Cooled Package System including Roof Top package units and Air Handling Units complete with DX System
  6. Split air conditioners
  7. Multi spit air conditioners
  8. Air cooled package units
  9. VRV / VRF System
  10. Ducting, grilles, diffusers, dampers, insulation.
  11. Precision Air Conditioners for Data Centers and Server Rooms
  12. Kitchen Exhaust System and Spot Cooling
  13. Clean Room systems for Hospital and Food Industries

Plumbing System

  1. Cold water supply system
  2. Hot water system
  3. Sewerage system
  4. Drainage system
  5. Rain Water Harvesting syste
  6. Hydro pneumatic system and control
  7. Swimming pool and water bodies – piping and treatment plants.
  8. Pumps and control panels.

Fire Protection System

Fire detection and alarm including panels, cables, conduits, wiring, and controls

  1. Fire Hydrant System
  2. Sprinkler System
  3. Inergen gas system
  4. Fire foam system
  5. Fire extinguishers
  6. Fire suppression system

Electrical Systems

  1. CCTV System
  2. PA System
  3. Lighting Systems
  4. Dimmer Systems
  5. LED lighting Systems
  6. Fire Detection System
  7. Lightning Protection System
  8. BMS System
  9. Main power distribution System
  10. Generator Synchronizing System
  11. ELV Systems
  12. Data Systems